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Our Spanish schools offer a great variety of language courses and options. We offer Standard and Intensive and Super Intensive Spanish courses as well as Teenage, One-2-One, Business, and DELE Preparation courses. Whatever type of Spanish course you wish to attain, we're sure we can offer you a program that will address your particular needs.

We specialize in providing the best quality available in Spain for Spanish courses. It's important for you to feel confident of a school's quality when you choose to enroll in a Spanish course. At our language schools, thanks to many years of experience, you'll be exposed to the best teachers, study in the best institutions, and obtain the best certifications available.

Standard Spanish Course – Our most popular program with 20 Spanish classes and 5 cultural classes per week. This course is well-suited for students who wish to learn Spanish at a good speed and still have plenty of time to experience the Spain's exciting culture and way of life.

Intensive and Super Intensive Spanish Course – If you need to learn Spanish in a short period of time or want to progress as quickly as possible, the intensive course with 25 or the super intensive course with 30 Spanish classes and 5 cultural classes per week is your best bet.

Business Spanish Course – Are you planning to work in Spain or do business in Spanish-speaking countries? Are you a business student wanting to improve your career prospects? This course will provide you with a solid foundation in Spanish business terms and business customs in Hispanic countries.

DELE Exam Preparation – The DELE Exam is the official, internationally recognized test for Spanish as a foreign language. This course, available in either 4 or 5-week programs, will leave you well prepared; over 90% of our DELE students have gone on to pass the final exam.

Teenage Spanish Course – Our summer teenage courses are specially designed to make sure that young students have an unforgettable time while learning Spanish effectively.


At AASS we believe that the key to learning Spanish dwells in an interactive teaching method. Through years of experience we've seen that active communication is the best and quickest way to grow confident with the Spanish language. Courses are designed to get you speaking Spanish from day one, actively participating and getting as comfortable as possible with the language.

To be able to participate in all Spanish classes and be able to offer an appropriate level of personalized attention, we keep our class sizes small at each of our schools (with an average of between 5 and 10 students per class).

Our language teachers are all native Spanish-speakers and have university degrees in Spanish philology. They've been selected not only for their professional skills, but also for their personal attributes, which we believe are just as important. We also make a great effort to provide our teachers with continued education by enrolling them in seminars and other training courses.

Please see Teaching Methods & Guarantees for further information about our philosophy at AASS.

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