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AASS Spanish courses aim to teach with the highest standards. We know it's essential that the classes you take at our institutions bring you closer to your goal; to master the Spanish language. Courses are designed so that, in each classroom and at all levels, you'll be exposed to the skills you need in order to reach a higher level of proficiency in Spanish. We employ effective and stimulating teaching methods we know you'll enjoy; you'll be engaging in debates based on Spanish newspaper articles, reading and analyzing Spanish texts, viewing and talking about Spanish films and documentaries, listening to Spanish music, learning grammatical rules through language games.

You're the center of attention in all of these activites. We truly strive to create an atmosphere in which you'll feel at home and encouraged to participate as much as possible; the surest way to get the most out of your learning experience both in and outside of the classroom. And all the time our language teachers will be there for you, employing time-tested techniques and years of experience teaching the structure and syntax of the Spanish language to students at all levels of proficiency.

We're aware of the importance of establishing a firm understanding of basic Spanish grammar from the very beginning. We also know that Spanish grammar can be a difficult and boring topic for many students, so we opt for an interactive approach that makes this process as understandable and stimulating as possible.

Of course, you'll grow in your comprehension of Spanish in other ways as well; reading, writing, speaking, listening, and actively expanding your Spanish vocabulary are also major components of our courses. Typically, a textbook-guided daily theme provides the structure of the class, which is then enriched with a multitude of supportive activities. You can trust our imaginative staff to prepare the right number of learning exercises that will both entertain you and lead you to communicate in Spanish with more and more fluency.

At AASS we're convinced that the key to teaching Spanish effectively lies in an interactive method. Through years of experience we've seen how actively communicating in Spanish in varied situations is the most reliable way to build one's confidence with the Spanish language.

Our teachers will monitor your progress through daily coursework, ensuring that you receive the highest possible benefit from the time and money you've chosen to invest with us. And you'll have access to further resources such as language laboratories and computer-aided exercises to support your learning experience to whatever degree you feel is necessary.


At AASS Spanish language schools we use unique material in conjunction with recognized Spanish textbooks present students with an optimal learning solution - one that we've perfected through many years of experience. We guarantee you'll be working with constantly updated works and supportive material such as press articles, advertisements and audiovisual materials. We use textbooks that we feel will provide you with the most solid foundation in Spanish available on the market. They coincide with our teaching philosophy and are fundamental elements of our technique.

You'll also be provided with highly relevant internet sources and CD-ROM material and will have access to our audiovisual systems outside of class time to watch Spanish movies or Spanish TV.

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