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Step 1: Fill out our Registration Form

In order to enroll in one of our Spanish courses you'll have to fill out our online registration form (see below), which will only take a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Reservation and Deposit

Once we've received your registration form we'll confirm availability in the requested program and send you payment information (you can opt for the paying a deposit of 200Eur or pay for the full amount). Your deposit will be deducted from the total amount for the course.

Step 3: Confirmation letter

As soon as we receive payment we'll send you a confirmation letter or e-mail. If you'll need a visa for we'll provide you with a special invitation letter needed in the visa application process.

Step 4: Outstanding payment.

The outstanding amount will be due at least 4 weeks before your scheduled arrival date.

Step 5: Accommodation Confirmation

If you've booked accommodation through AASS you'll receive complete information about your accommodation approximately 1-2 weeks before your arrival date.

Personal Information:
Full Name:
Full Address:
Sex: Male Female
Date of Birth:
Emergency Contact (Name & Phone):
What is your current level of Spanish?

Program Information:
In which town do you want to study?
Which course?
Number of Weeks
Start date (dd-mm-yyyy)

Accommodation Information:
Accommodation Type
Room Type
Board Type*
If accompanied, what is your companion's name?
Airport Pick-up**: Yes No
*Only for Accommodation with Host Families
**Airport pick-up is optional and only includes pick-up - not return

Payment Arrangement:
To ensure your place in one of our programs you have to submit a registration form including either the full amount of the program Or a deposit* of 200 € (Remember! this is a deposit and NOT A REGISTRATION FEE and it will be DEDUCTED from your total amount. The deposit is used to pay the school deposit fee).
Do you wish to pay the full amount now or only the deposit?
Full Amount
How do you wish to pay the deposit?
Credit Card**
Bank Check

Personal Check

Money Transfer
How do you wish to pay the total amount?
Bank Check
Personal Check

Money Transfer
*The option to pay deposit only is not available within one month of arrival date
**If you wish to pay by credit card you will receive an email with details about how to pay via Paypal's secure online payment site.

Please specify any other comment here.

I have read and agree upon all Terms & Conditions

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