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AASS provides a professional and quality approach to teaching Spanish. Course levels that conform with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages have been designed for students at six different stages of proficiency. If you're interested in learning Spanish in outstanding conditions, then the AASS Spanish language courses are for you. According to which language level you're placed in, the amount of hours required to complete the Spanish course will vary.

Beginner A1

At this course level our teachers will familiarize you with the basics of the Spanish language, helping you develop confidence and stable communication skills. After this course you'll be able to feel comfortable in a Spanish-speaking environment.

Beginner A2

The main difference between this course level and the A1 beginner course is that, having mastered this level, you'll know enough Spanish to confidently handle a basic conversation in any Hispanic environment.

Intermediate B1

We designed this course level for people who already have a fundamental knowledge of the Spanish language and want to continue cultivating their vocabulary and grammar. Among other things, this class enhances conversational skills by providing you with enough verb tenses so that you may express yourself more freely.

Advanced B2

At this course level, our highly qualified staff will help you sharpen the language tools necessary for more complex interactions with Spanish speakers. This class will develop your written competency in Spanish and help you reach the point where you can fully participate in a proper conversation.

Superior C1

If you're placed in this course it means you've come a good way in your Spanish linguistic skills. Having achieved a certain level of self-sufficiency in your studies, the aim here will be for our teachers to act as your support, further guiding you into areas you still haven't mastered and helping you immerse yourself more deeply in the Spanish language and culture.

Improvement C2

At this point, you're a few steps away from total domination of the Spanish language. Courses at this level are designed to help you eradicate your last faults and come to an understanding of any subtleties you might not yet have grasped. Once you complete this class, you'll be entitled to consider yourself a full-fledged Spanish communicator!

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