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Why Spanish

Spanish is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. It’s the official language of 21 countries worldwide and is widely spoken in places where Spanish is not the official language (such as in the United States, where the group of over 30 million native Spanish speakers continues to grow rapidly). After English, it’s the most commonly used language, with over 500 million native Spanish-speakers worldwide.

Countries where Spanish is spokenIn geographical terms, about half of the population of the Western Hemisphere speaks Spanish. It's the official language in 15 South American Countries, making it the principal language of the continent, and is quickly becoming the second official language of North America as well. Learning Spanish in this ever-globalizing world can therefore be a powerful tool - both in business and personal terms - that has the potential to open innumerable doors and create new opportunities. Learning Spanish is also a good introduction to other Latin languages like French and Italian.

Spanish is arguably becoming the world's most popular language. In the last ten years the demand for Spanish Language courses worldwide has doubled. The numbers speak for themselves; don't be left out in what seems to be a global cultural phenomenon.

If you want to improve your Spanish before coming to Spain we can recommend the Online interactive course like: Learn Spanish - Free online Spanish courses. You'll discover exactly what to say in virtually all situations.

If you are looking for other language courses like English Courses, German courses in Germany, Italian courses in Italy or French Courses France we can highly recommend the website StudentSphere.com

Take also a look at the following learn Spanish in Cuba which is a school that offers Intensive, one-to-one and part-time Spanish courses in Cuba.

Cursos de Español en Salamanca Salmínter es una Escuela dedicada exclusivamente a la enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera desde el año 1986.

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