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Learning Italian

Italian and Spanish both come from the Latin and have a lot of similarities. They are excellent languages to learn, graced as they are with the poetic expression of their romantic roots. Today it is quite essential to learn a foreign language, Spanish is very important because you can communicate with nearly 500 million people in the world but Italian is important too.
Learning Italian allows a person to appreciate the art and the history of this wonderful country. We can enjoy directly the Renaissance and the Roman periods visiting Italy and have a large view of Italian culture and society.

In Italy we have important cultural cities such as Rome and Florence. At the time of the Roman Empire, Rome was for many centuries the world greatest city and, to really appreciate the study of that period, it is very important to learn Italian in Italy.

In Rome we have a very important school, Istituto Dante Alighieri, where you can learn Italian and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.
The Dante Alighieri, Italian language school is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. The Dante Alighieri Italian language school has qualified Italian teachers and several kinds of Italian courses with modern facilities, small groups, cultural events in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.
The school is located near the Vatican, just a few steps away from St. Peter Basilica. They also offer accommodation, so you can stay in an apartment near the Spanish Square or in the safe area of Aurelio – Boccea that is near the Vatican.

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